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Unravel: Finding Happiness by Coming Completely Undone (Softcover Signed by Author)


People are often talking about the things they need to do in order to be a better person.. They need to DO this or DO that… when in reality they don’t need to DO anything, they need to UNDO everything.
This book takes you through the authors personal journey of unraveling. It is beautifully illustrated to show the need we all have to come completely undone. Go ahead, pull the string and come apart. What is waiting inside of you is something worth it, your true self. A masterpiece of beauty.

When we see all that is happening in our current society, it is even more important to unravel. Everything needs to come undone in order to be rebuilt. We all need to fall apart. We all need to unravel.
Don’t fear it. Don’t be afraid of the pain. You are already hurting, you might as well pull the string and get on with it. Fall apart and create the life you want filled with love and acceptance.



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